ENG 101 Intro to Programming


There are various options to retrieve email from your engin.umich account. I like PINE the best, but it requires a secure connection. Other options are web access and proprietary software such as Eudora.

CAEN technotes page
Engin.umich web-based email

Remote connections

The CAEN network now requires connectivity software to connect to the engineering network using a secure connection. Connections are made secure by using various sorts of encryption.

CAEN connectivity page


There are a lot of researches available for students learning how to program in C++. These include shareware program editors, "dictionary" websites with extensive program information, and other information sources. For those students who wish to program from their homes or dorms, I recommend using Crimson Editor, available below.

Ford Motor Company Summer Engineering Institute

"ENG 101" course analogue

(Summer 2004 schedule)

Summer 2005:

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Paul's website!

Lab terminal dump: July 19, 2005

Examples of C++ code

I have written a number of help pages for my ENG 101 students. The following pages may be of some help:



1.) html webpage with link to biography/resume page

2.) Making change - limitations to computer math

3.) Game of Life
          Link to external site: Rules of Conway's Game of Life.

4.) Gambling away your future - with Blackjack!