ENG 101 Intro to Programming

HW 2.

Making Change!

Write a program that will output the proper change for any reasonable dollars and cents input, let's say less than 100 dollars. For instance, for an input of $19.56, your program should output:

one ten dollar bill,
one five dollar bill,
four one dollar bills,
two quarters,
one nickel,
and one penny

While an input of $11.49 would output:

one ten dollar bill,
one one dollar bill,
one quarter,
two dimes,
and four pennies

This assignment has several particulars, and several teaching goals.


  • note the commas after all but the last lines

  • note the proper plurals, e.g. penny vs. pennies, dime vs. dimes

  • note the "and" at the beginning of the last line

  • note that the change is correct! (this is actually more important than you might think...MOST of you will encounter an error in your math...this is a MIND OPENING exercise)

Teaching goals:

  • writing your first "real" program

  • use cin and cout

  • introduction to logical statements and evaluations, i.e. if(blah)

  • use of branching statements, i.e. if (blah)....else (boo hoo)

  • introduction to C++ math

  • convert between variable types using static_cast

  • problems with binary representation

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Allowable denominations of change:

  • hundred dollar bill

  • fifty dollar bill

  • twenty dollar bill

  • ten dollar bill

  • five dollar bill

  • one dollar bill

  • quarter

  • dime

  • nickel

  • penny