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Failure and Success




Then, do it again!

Never give up!

If you haven't ever failed you haven't really tried to win.

Only failures never fail.

I am slowly writing a book on failure and success, motivation and life. If I couldn't be a professor and teach I would consider being a motivational speaker. I I own both and but haven't had time to put much there yet. My primary interest is in motivating people to reach their greatest success by helping them overcome the potential discouragement of failure. Failure is not bad, failure occurs constantly. ALL great people have failed numerous times in their lives, some we read about and some remain hidden. However, fear of failure prevents people from ever attempting anything worthy of the effort and so they continue on their path of easy "successes," avoiding failure by limiting their goals, their very lives.

I recently wrote the following small piece. Please tell me what you think.

Failure expresses itself constantly as an excuse, a reason to stop, an obstacle you have never seen, a barrier bigger than ever existed. Failure is constantly there, presenting itself as a comfortable option, an excuse, a good excuse, the best excuse you could state: "I have never done that before." Even better: "no one has done that before." Who can argue that?

Presumptuous you, thinking you might be better than all that came before? No, give up now rather than risk wasted effort, that is the lure presented by failure.

Success is a challenge, a distant picture in your mind, blurry, indistinct. Who knows if it could be done? Success could be just past the next bend, just over a little hill, a small rise, some little effort all that remains, BUT YOU DON'T KNOW.

Success could be a mirage, ever distant, a goal to pursue like Don Quixotic's, never to be achieved. Do you want a wasted life spent pursuing some ephemeral dream? Give up now! Pursue something you KNOW you can achieve and be ever mediocre, average, one of the crowd.

Is that the kind of life you want to live?
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