Civil Infrastructure Systems: links and information

Organizations and Groups General magazines Peer-reviewed journals
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) - link - The premier professional organization for the civil engineering discipline.

  • American Public Works Association (APWA) - link - Very influential organization, rich source of information regarding urban management.

  • The American Water Works Association (AWWA) - link - Largest professional water supply organization in the world. Very helpful organization for both professionals and academics.

  • American Water Resources Association - link - Focused on water resources, very practical information, good mix of professionals and academics.

  • International Water Association (IWA) - link - Internationally focused water research professional organization.

  • The Institute for Civil Infrastructure Systems - link - A research consortia headed by New York University's Graduate School of Public Service.

  • National Science Foundation, Engineering Directorate - link - These folks are the ones that invest all of Uncle Sam's research money.

  • National Water Research Institute (NWRI) - link - An influential, private, non-profit research agency that funds significant amounts of water-related research.

  • Public Works Magazine - link - Very interesting and broadly focused magazine, considerable ad presence occasionally seems to influence their editorial content

  • CE News - link - Well written general interest civil engineering magazine. Tends to focus on the land development side of civil engineering.

  • Civil Engineering - link - Published by ASCE, detailed read, full of information, rather dry presentation at times.

  • Journal of Infrastructure Systems - link - Published by ASCE, an interesting read of the latest research infrastructure systems research. Tends to be heavy on theory and methods that are unlikely to be used in general practice. Unfortunately, this journal is not indexed by ISI Journal Citation Reports.

  • Computer-aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering - link - This journal is indexed by ISI Journal Citation Reports. Unfortunately for my work, this journal tends to focus on structural reliability-type research.

  • Public Works Management and Policy - link - Excellent magazine with interesting articles written by top researchers. Published by APWA. Unfortunately, this journal is not indexed by most engineering/technical directories and so it is rather challenging to find relevant articles.

  • Journal of Urban Planning and Development - link - Also published by ASCE, decent articles written by some very capable thinkers in the field.

  • Journal of the American Water Resources Association - link - Note, their articles are available for free online. This is a rather obscure journal that sometimes can be a source of excellent material.

  • Water Research  - sciencedirect link - journal link- The premier journal for water technology research, number one cited journal in the field of water science.

  • Journal of the American Water Works Association - link - The professional journal of the AWWA, has both technical and professional articles, well put together. My only complaint is that their extensive use of graphics, even in their technical articles, tends to obscure the data from comprehension.