My awards.

I have received three awards for my research and engineering papers, and one award for my teaching.

Received Outstanding Student Instructor Award (OSIA), Fall 2002.

I was nominated by my ENG 100 Introduction to programming course. Teaching the course was a load of work, but very rewarding, and apparently some of them thought I did a good job.

National ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) student paper award winner, 2nd CECAR (Civil Engineering conference in the Asian Region), April, 2001, Tokyo, Japan (completely paid trip).

Had the best student paper submitted, and was selected to present the paper to the main audience during the program. Turned out there was more than 650 people to watch each of the respective country student paper winners (USA, South Korea, Tiawan, Philipines and Japan) give their papers. We got to eat at the Tokyo Opera House, on the 68th floor, they really treated us like kings. This was one of the best adventures of my life, and I hope to do a post-doc at the University of Tokyo when I graduate. Tokyo is absolutely beautiful, and the people very friendly and helpful.

Second place, 1996 Ohio WEA student paper competition, $150 prize.

Once again second place, also wrote about my master's degree thesis research.

Second place, 1995 Ohio WEA student paper competition, $150 prize.

Wrote about my master's degree thesis research.